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Studio Eight Tattoo Company



Each artist prides themselves in being specialized in thier own niche as well as creating a unique piece of artwork for every client that comes through the door. We are a custom design tattoo shop rather than a walk-in/flash style shop, meaning we require a consultation and drawing time before booking your tattoo appointment with us. Please learn about our artists to discover who you're best suited with by checking out their profiles below.

If it's your first tattoo!


Josh is the lead man here at Studio Eight Tattoo Company, creating a name for himself 15 years ago when he became a part of Twisted Banana. Over the years he has apprenticed our very own Lana and Sam, successfully training them into the amazing artists they have become. As an artist, Josh puts the utmost passion into his work which you will see in every piece that leaves his chair. Josh has a calming personality and will always make you feel welcome and comfortable in his chair. 

Note: Josh does not do color tattoos and is not accepting pocket watch, tigers or lion tattoos for the time being

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Lana has been tattooing for 10 exciting years. She spent her lifetime searching for a career where she could lay her artistic talents. Hairstyling was her first gig, then graphic design and illustration. Eventually she landed in the tattoo world and has finally found true niche. To her tattooing is so much more than art. She's been grateful for the opportunity to embellish skin, cover scars and help others tell their story. Lana's favorite styles to tattoo are horror, gore and anything nature inspired. You will see pieces from skulls and demons, florals and animals to pet portraits in her portfolio. 

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Sam has been a loyal member of the Twisted Banana & Studio Eight team since 2014. She was quick to begin her tattoo training under Josh and became a full-time tattoo artist in 2018. She has since blossomed into a very talented tattoo artist and is evolving everyday. Sam is a bold color tattoo lover who is always stoked to create a neo-traditional take on a character or imagery. Although color is her niche, she also loves black work especially anything of the spooky, witchy, Halloween theme. Check out Sam's colorful portfolio below!

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To book with an artist please call


Consultations mandatory

No minors 18+ only

No piercings

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