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Explore our luxury product lines...

Explore through our favorite product lines we use in the shop on a daily basis! We believe that what you use on your hair and skin should be clean enough to eat! We are particular to choose which brands to share with our client as we like to make sure they are healthy, effective, sustainable, and of course attractive and smells great! For our barbered individuals, we also have a large variety of hair pomades, beard care, shaving essentials and skin care to choose from.  That's not all! Come explore our variety of hot tools, hair accessories, lotions, lip balms, body washes, hair and beard brushes and more! 

*Please note: our retail shelves are revolving frequently, what you see on our page may not be exactly what we have in stock at any given time. If you want to know if we have an item in stock or want to request a product order before visiting us, please call us at (780) 464-2883. 



Our largest product line AMIKA includes products for all hair types and needs with 11 unique collections to choose from. Their products are cruelty free, free of sulfates (SLS, SLES, ALS), parabens, phthalates, DEA, aluminum starch and many more. AMIKA's packaging is also 100% recylable and is created using 90% recycled back material!


Session Label

SESSION LABEL by Schwartzkopf, created for hairstylists and shared with you! This 12 label styling line is compact and ready to execute any styling need while being safe to layer and cocktail together for a custom finish. Simple, effective and attractive.


Pai Shau

Our ritualistic, if you will, hair care line. This line is made up of 5 viatimin-rich signaure tea complex's which protect, repair, exfoliate, nourish, and strengthen hair. Together, they deliver a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants to soothe the scalp and nourish from root to tip. This tea-based formula helps hair feel cleaner, softer and leaves a warm vanilla scent and high shine behind.


Reuzel was created by the scumbag barbers from Schorem, a barbershop in the heart of the working class city of Rotterdam. With 9 unique pommades including 2 water soluble formulas, shampoos, conditioner, tonics, styling aids, shaving essentials and even tattoo skin care, Reuzel has been a holy grail product line in our studio.

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EST. 1999, this classic barber product line has kept it's classic hair, beard and shaving needs with their compact line of barbering necessities while being versatile to use in many lengths and types of hair. The shampoo and conditioner duo is both moisturizing and refreshing with the use of hemp seed oil and eucalyptus, a winner for those with dry, itchy scalps!


Valhalla Beard Care

Locally sourced in Calgary, AB, Valhalla is our main beard care line offering unique scent blends throughout beard oils, butters, conditioners and more. Valhalla is an all natural line, so you know what you're wearing is safe, healthy and smells damn good!


EVO Fabuloso

EVO Fabuloso is a great product addition for those with high maintenence hair color, or perhaps you feel like a quick tone change to your hair for fun! Fabuloso is a high pigmented conditioning treatment that provides an instant color boost, combined with a nourishing treatment to refresh or tone color, revive and add shine in just 3 minutes. Please be aware, reds, coppers and browns will stain your blonde hair along with your hands! Be careful while using.


18:21 Man Made

An excellent addition to your shower game! You'll love it's luxurious feel, sweet but musky scent and obviously cool looking bottle, this body wash is magical. Men LOVE this product, but don't stray away girls, this body wash smells and feels amazing for you too!


Rebel's Refinery

Rebel's Refinery, always innovating and producing adorable but effective products for daily care. We currently only carry their moisture heavy lip balms, however we are glad to special order any other or their great products. Lip balm packaging and scents do rotate in our studio, so call ahead if you are looking for a particular style!



We all know and love it! HEMPZ body moisturizers are a guaranteed product on our shelves all year around. Scents and packaging are always rotating season to season, so please call ahead if you're looking for a specific kind.

Wet Brush

WET brushes are a great tool to have for all hair types and for different needs. From detangling, smoothing and round brushing, there is a WET brush for you! Brush types and colors rotate in our studio so if there is paticular brush you would like, please call ahead and we will special order it for you!


Hot Tools

Having the right hot tool is a great addition to your home care that can help you recreate the hair styles we teach you in the studio. We like to carry blowdryers, curling irons, flat irons and blow dry brushes to offer you, however if you have a specific brand or tool type you are searching for, please let us know so we can look into special ordering it for you.

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