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We believe that what you use on your hair and skin should be clean enough to eat! Our largest product lines AMIKA and Pai Shau include products free of parabens, sulfate, and sodium chloride! We also have a large variety of men's hair and skin care; men being 50% of our clientele we want to offer products just for them! Also on our retail shelves you will notice items such as beard combs/brushes, shaving essentials, a variety of hair brushes, skull shaped lip balms, lotions, charcoal toothpastes and more!


Layrite Men's Grooming Products have been setting the benchmark of traditional barbering and men's grooming since 1999. Often imitated but never replicated, their products have become the staple brand used by barbers seeking quality and authenticity the world over.

We carry the full Layrite line with 5 Pomades/Creams/Clays, Shampoo and Conditioner, Shaving Essentials, tonics, and more.


Rebel's Refinery, an all-men's line of natural skin care to get away from the chemical intensive alternatives that are likely doing more damage than good to both your skin and the rest of your body. Most of these products are 97% natural, 90% organic and pure gold.

Valhalla Beard Care, offering the finest original and unique blends along with some of the traditional favorites with a twist.

Valhalla products enhance the quality of fine, medium and coarse beards.They ensure to use only the highest quality organic carrier oils to nourish both your beard and the sensitive skin beneath. 

Canadian Winter tested on beards in the construction industry. Tested and approved by world beard champions from many climates and regions of the globe.


Explore our luxury product lines...


amika products are like a good friend - straightforward, dependable, and fun to spend time with.

We are proud to introduce our new obsession amika! Healthy ingredients, smart packaging, sweet but gentle scent and extremely impressive performance. You will not be disappointed.


Naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants make tea leaves the perfect ingredient for beauty rituals, providing powerful purification and rejuvenation for hair, skin and scalp, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Pai-Shau is our "healthcare" line if you will, supplying a rejuvenating experience for your sad locks. This tea based formula helps hair feel cleaner, softer and leaves a warm vanilla scent and high shine behind.


Reuzel was created by the scumbag barbers from Schorem, an old school men-only barbershop in the heart of the working class city of Rotterdam. With 9 unique pommades including 2 water soluble formulas, shampoos, tonics and shaving essentials, Reuzel has become our go-to product for most men!

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