Shop Policies

Late Policy! 15 minutes is our cut-off for late comers, in result we will ask to reschedule your appointment. If you are booked for a haircut service (30-45 minute spot), showing up 15 minutes late drops our time with you to 15-30 minutes. Please understand that in order to perform at our best we need to have the correct amount of time to do so, we prefer not to rush our services or give you mediocre care.

Specialty Color Services! When booking a color service that entails us to book above average appointment times, such as a 3-5 hour color correction, you will be asked to leave a deposit in order to hold your appointment time. An appointment this extensive takes over a large portion of our stylists' day, and if the client does not show up, we suffer from a significant money loss and will not be able to schedule anyone else at a last minute notice. Your deposit will be held for you to put towards your final payment, but in the case of a no-show we will keep your deposit to cover our lost income.


Tattoo Policies!



Consultations are mandatory no matter the size of the piece you are booking for, and will take about 15 minutes with no charge. When your artist is ready to book your tattoo appointment you will be asked to leave a deposit to hold your spot. This deposit will be held for you to put towards your final payment, but in the case of a no-show,  or cancellation under 72 hours notice, we will keep your deposit to cover our lost income.


No-show/Cancellation Policy! Not showing up for your appointment will not only result in us keeping your money deposit, but we will also be hesitant to book you with us in the future. This goes for smaller bookings such as haircuts as well. Please understand that we want to keep or customers happy first and foremost, but we cannot be taken advantage of either. If we explain to you that we see you have had multiple cancellations or no shows in the past, you may be asked to leave a deposit.

covid-19 Policy!

If you have any symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat, or If you have traveled in the last 14 days, or have been in contact with anyone who has, you will not be permitted to book an appointment until those symptoms are relieved.


As you enter the salon, you will be expected to sanitize properly, this includes your hands, phone and any other item you have with you. We will supply a medical mask for you to wear during your entire visit. You may bring your own mask upon entry, but we will in most cases supply you with a new disposable mask. This is to minimize the amount of new germs in our facility, please respect this.


You will be asked to review and sign a waiver for tracking purposes; we may also ask take your temperature.


We are not permitted to double book our clients, meaning, we cannot take 2 at a time as we normally would in order to keep the occupancy level down, which may result in you having a longer waiting time to secure an appointment with us. This could also mean that we might ask you to split your appointments up IF YOU ARE WANTING AN EXCESSIVE COLOR CHANGE. It may be difficult for us to be able to accommodate colors over 3 hours at this time because we have very limited hours for bookings and we must see as many of you as we can. You may be asked to split your service into 2 appointments in this case, either our receptionist or your stylist will go over this with you when booking.


We have a new max capacity and will be adamant about keeping a low number of people in our facility at the same time.

This means the following:

-You must come to your appointment alone.

-Kids under 12 are not permitted.

-Customers without appointments booked will not be permitted to enter the facility.

-Sadly no pupper visits will be permitted until further notice.


Our doors are open for your arrival, however, we ask you to arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment as we no longer have waiting chairs or extra space for you to stand and wait.


We ask you not to touch our retail products, and ask us to help you instead. If you would like to purchase a product, a staff member will get it for you. We suggest you sanitize your product once you get it home.


Please limit the amount of items you have with you. Any unnecessary items such as jackets, large purses, shopping bags etc should stay in your vehicle.


During your appointment we ask you to please stay in the station chair and do not wonder around the salon. The bathroom is still accessible but we will need to monitor the cleanliness of it after each use.


We have implemented a $3 surcharge to each service in order to assist with the mandatory PPE and disinfecting supplies we must supply in order for you to come for your beauty service, and for the safety of you and us.