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Shop Policies

Cancellation / no-show Policy!

As of December 1st 2021, all current and future appointments booked will be subject to a 48H cancellation fee. Because your appointment space is reserved exclusively for you, we kindly request that you give a MINIMUM 48H notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This is to give our stylists an opportunity to offer that space to another guest, and recover potential lost income.


Not showing up for your appointment will not only result in us obtaining your money deposit, but we will also be hesitant to book you with us in the future. This goes for smaller bookings such as haircuts as well. Please understand that we want to keep our customers happy first and foremost, but we do not want to be taken advantage of either.

Color Services!

We may kindly ask for you to leave a non-refundable deposit upon booking any color services with us. The amount of deposit will be determined by the service you would like to book.

For example: Root touch-up = $80 deposit; Foiling services = $150 deposit; Corrective or multi process colors =$200 deposit.

Your deposit will be held for you to put towards your final payment, but in the case of a no-show, or cancellation within 48 hours, we will keep your deposit to cover our lost income. and we will ask you to leave a new deposit in order to re-book with us.

Extension clients, please know that we require a consultation before booking your appointment, and we ask you to pay a deposit for your hair extensions prior to us ordering them, as they are a non-refundable product. A consultation with your stylist will help you understand the cost of your extensions before you make your final decision.

Late Policy!

15 minutes is our cut-off for late comers, in result we will ask to reschedule your appointment. If you are booked for a haircut service (30-45 minute spot), showing up 15 minutes late drops our time with you to 15-30 minutes. Please understand that in order to perform at our best we need to have the appropriate amount of time to do so, we prefer not to rush our services or give you mediocre care.


Tattoo Policies!




Consultations are mandatory no matter the size of the piece you are booking for, and will take about 15 minutes with no charge. When your artist is ready to book your tattoo appointment you will be asked to leave a deposit to hold your spot. This deposit will be held for you to put towards your final payment, but in the case of a no-show,  or cancellation under 72 hours notice, we will keep your deposit to cover our lost income.

covid-19 Policy!

If you have any symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat, we ask that you reschedule your appointment or hold off on booking until you are feeling better.

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