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Discover what Twisted Banana Hair Studios & Studio Eight Tattoo Company has in-store for you. From trendy hair cuts, to glamorous styles, to head turning colors, you are sure to have an exciting experience from any of our team members! There is something for everyone at our studio, no matter what age.


Here at Twisted Banana Hair Studios we strive to stay inspired and learn! Keeping a fresh eye on upcoming trends is an absolute MUST for our team, insuring you that we will have the how-to for all your unique hair desires! Our mission is to better the hair styling industry by promoting apprentices and stylists alike. We believe that a prosperous business begin with the employees and the treatment of those employees. Happy stylists create happy clients and we intend to treat our employees fairly and as the true backbone of the company. Without them, there is no business. You can always count on there being a young-blood shadowing us!

In our studio, we hope for you to feel relaxed in our laid back and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable, joins in the conversation and most importantly, feels at home. We proudly own a reputation of being a rather popular place for traditional barbering cuts for our short hair clients. Our skills in short hair grooming has grown over the years by attending multiple barbering based hair cutting classes so we can make sure we have everything we need to achieve your fancy fade or structured pompadour. Our retail area is also stocked up with specialty grooming care products for hair, skin, beards and even shaving to ensure we can send you home with the appropriate home care to keep up your new style and to just feel great! Check out these brands on our retail therapy page!

Everyone knows us for our electric colors right? Yes! We can achieve many colors of the spectrum and we love to be creative! Currently  our main choice for neon semi-permanent color brands are Joico Intensity, Pravana and our newest additon Danger Jones. Please note if you wish to achieve these amazing colors, we will have to pre-lighten your hair first, so this booking would be considered a "color correction". Call to book a consultation prior to get the best results with your stylist.


Thinking about getting a tattoo? Then this is the place for you! Our collaboration with permanent tattooing is a sure way to separate us from the rest. Come visit our unique studio and have a comfortable consultation with one of our fantastic tattoo artists! Some important rules to know about our tattoo studio:

Our artists do CUSTOM WORK ONLY, meaning we do not offer walk-in/flash tattoos, however keep an eye on the Studio Eight Tattoo Company Facebook page for when we offer special Flash Tattoo days. Each artist prides themselves in being individual and creating a unique piece of art work for every client that comes through the door. Also, because we are a custom shop, we tend to book appointments very far in advance to enable the artists to spend enough time creating each piece for you. This means 15 minute consultations are mandatory no matter how big or small the piece, from there the artist will guide you to the next step towards your new tattoo. Sorry no piercings in our studio!



We've gone green!

Nine years ago, we decided to join Green Circle Salons! What is Green Circle Salons you ask? Long story short, we recycle everything, and we mean EVERYTHING! From hair clippings, to color tubes, paper, plastic, metal and even our color waste. We are proud to say we help in preventing this waste from ending up in our landfills and our water! To learn more about Green Circle click the link below.

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