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It's time for you first tattoo!


That’s exciting and maybe a little nerve wracking. Most importantly, we want to thank you! We appreciate your business with Studio Eight Tattoo Co. and we want to help you to get the tattoo of your dreams. We offer our creativity, expertise and craftsmanship. In the information below you will find answers to all of your questions and we believe it will also help you to get your best tattoo possible. 

Where to begin

Are you ready for your first tattoo? Of course you are! You're heading in the right direction by reading through the information we want to share with you. Please take the time to read through this page, it will give you all the insight you need for your first tattoo. Read everything already? Feeling prepared? Now, all you need to do is, nail down your tattoo idea and the area of your body you are wishing to display it, find your best matched tattoo artist, book your consultation and away you go!

Call us at 780-464-2883 if you have any questions or would like to make your booking. We look forward to seeing you.

Do your research

An artist can help guide you, but we cannot tell you which tattoo will best represent your second cousin, Gerta. It’s best to search ideas and images that you like via social media sights such as Instagram and Pinterest. During your consultation please show your artist reference photos and tattoos that you like so they can get a feel for what you’re in search of. Again, they can design something similar but not exactly like your reference. Please do not ask your artist to copy another artist’s design or tattoo. They may be willing to do something similar, but artists and clients should not copy or steal someone else’s hard work.

Choose your artist

First and foremost, research your artist. 

Seldom does an artist excel at or even want to tattoo in all styles of art. Tattooing is not a “service industry” but instead it is a skilled craft. Artist’s work hard to perfect their skills and they are not photocopiers. Please don’t insist that your artist tattoo in a style they are uncomfortable doing. Don’t ask a black and grey realism artist to tattoo in colour. Often artists will specialize because they want you to have their best work possible. It is very difficult to be excellent at all things. Most artists will tell you if they are the right person for the tattoo that you are requesting.

Price and hourly rates

“Good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good.”

Price is determined by a few factors such as… 

  • size of tattoo 

  • how much detail is in the design •whether the tattoo is in color or black and grey, (color takes longer to saturate)

  • how well your skin takes ink, (everyone’s skin is different)

  • placement on your body, (some areas are harder to tattoo)

  • how well you can sit and how many breaks are needed.

  • artist’s hourly rate or flat rate

A low hourly rate does not always mean your tattoo will be cheaper. An artist with more experience will sometimes get a tattoo done quicker than an artist with less experience, but you pay for their skill and expertise. In some cases, your artist may instead charge a flat rate for the estimated value of the artwork and tattoo.


It is recommended that you start with a smaller tattoo to learn what the tattoo experience as well as pain tolerance will be like for you personally. BUT… we caution you about going too small. You can have a small delicate tattoo if desired but the smaller your tattoo the less detail it should have. Clean, crisp designs are best when getting micro tattoos. All tattoo ink migrates underneath our skin over time. If a tattoo is heavily detailed and is done too small, it will eventually turn into a black blob that is not recognizable. Please listen to your tattoo artist. They really do know best as this is their field of expertise. We want our work to look good and you to be happy for years to come.


All tattoos have some amount of pain but some areas definitely hurt more than others. 

Typically the most painful areas on the body to tattoo are:

•ribs (back, side and front)

•upper, inner arm

•elbows and inside elbow bend (ditch)

•knees and inside knee bend (knee ditch)

•back of calf, thigh or buttock

•neck and throat area

•stomach area

•feet, hands, fingers and face

Be prepared

Tattoo's can take alot of energy and adreneline out of you, so please make sure you are feeling well and are prepared ahead of time.

Please do:

  •  get a good nights sleep and be well rested.

  • eat a good meal before your tattoo. 

  • stay hydrated

  • feel free to take Tylenol, do not take Ibuprofen as it will thin your blood.

Please do not:

  • drink alcohol the night before or the day of your appointment. Alcohol thins the blood and will cause you to bleed more during your tattoo, thereby pushing the ink out of your skin.

  • plan to get your tattoo right before vacation

Body Placement

A lot of artists will have rules for tattooing the following body parts: hands, fingers, throat, neck and face. These areas are typically offered to those with many tattoos already, or other tattoo artists themselves. Please do not get these areas tattooed if it is your first tattoo. The reason why, is as simple as this, tattoos are forever! Choose an area of the body where the art will be the most flattering. For example, florals and filagree can be placed in a way that it will swing with the curvature of a thigh or booty, A symmetrical tattoo looks best on a straight part of your body like the back of your neck. Don't worry, your tattoo artist will help you decide on what area your design will look the best. It is important to listen to their suggestions as they are the professional and have probably seen some silly placed tattoos.

What to expect

A lot of artists will not tattoo or gurantee a tattoo to the following: hands, fingers and feet. The skin in these areas is different than skin elsewhere on our bodies. This skin sloughs off and is replenished more quickly. These areas also take more abuse. Things like socks and shoes constantly rubbing on a tattoo will make it age quickly and in most cases the ink wears and falls out. The same is true with hands and fingers. Ink will not hold because of the constant use of our hands and exposure to the elements like sun, water and cold weather.


Your artist will go in further detail about your aftercare do's and dont's as well as send you home with a write up you can refer to after. A few general notes for aftercare would be:

  • Keep your tattoo clean and moisturized

  • Do not scratch your tattoo. If it's itchy, simply pat it lightly

  • Do not shave over your tattoo until fully healed

  • No swimming or hot tubbing,

  • No intense sun exposure to the area

  • No tanning beds

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