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Please take a quick peek through our variation of hair services and what they entail before booking with us. We will ask you questions upon booking such as, "How long is your hair?" and "What were you hoping to book for today?" We will help you choose the service that best suites your needs.

if you have questions, Please give us a call at 780-464-2883(CUTE)

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Start here! What category are you in?


short hair

Above shoulder lengths. For those who currently have a short style needing maintenance or transitioning into a short style from a medium length.

Includes wash and style. 1 hour booking; $60.

Medium to long hair

At or below shoulder lengths. For those who currently have medium to long lengths needing maintenance and reshaping. 1 hour booking; $60

For those who currently have long hair and looking to transition into a very short style, we will need extra time for you.. 1-1 1/2 hour booking; $70  

Includes wash and style.

X-Long hair

For those with X-Long and thick hair, please let us know beforehand so we can book the appropriate amount of time for your service. A wash, cut and style for you can take up to 1 1/2 hours; $75


Maintenance or style change on short barber cuts such as fades, tapers, mo hawks, faux hawks and more. 45min-1hour booking; $45-48

Maintenance barber cut with a beard trim/shaping. 1hr 15min booking; $55

For those coming in with longer hair looking to cut it all off, let us know as we would love an extra few minutes with you.

Includes wash and style

beard trim

Just the beard! Trim up, shaping and/or shortening. 25-30 min booking; $25


Medium to X-long hair lengths. For those working on growing out their locks while maintaining health. A very simple "dusting" of your ends, usually 1/8th of an inch trim, no change to your shape or style. Timing about 20-25 minutes. $25-30

No wash included, please request a wash and style at additional cost.

clean up service

Short hair only, for example: pixies or men's barbering. Clean-ups are complementary ONLY for those who come back within 3 weeks of their haircut with us, to simply tidy up your neckline and around the ears. Must be booked with the same stylist. No change to your shape or style. Timing about 5-10 minutes.

fringe trim

Exactly what it says, trimming up your existing fringe to get you through the next few weeks. Timing 5-10 min. Minimum $10 gratuity.

For those who currently do not have a fringe and are looking for the big change, we can assist you there too! Timing 15-20 minutes. $20


For those who currently rock an undercut needing a freshening up. Simple carving designs welcome. Timing 10-15 minutes. $15-20

For those who currently do not have an undercut and are looking to edge up your look with one. Timing 20 minutes. $20

Note: We no longer offer kids cuts under 10 years of age. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Note: Please let us know beforehand if you have above average hair. For example, extra long, thick or curly hair. We will need extra time for your booking and there could be a difference in price.

wash & blow out

Going out for the weekend and need a quick pamper session? Come for a relaxing shampoo, scalp massage and a bouncy blow-out style that will help you feel fresh and ready for the day! Add one of our conditioning treatments for $10. Timing 45min $40-50

hair detox

Is your hair feeling a bit bla lately? Are you lacking lustre or moisture? Perhaps it feels built up with product, or your scalp is experiencing flakes and itchiness? It might be time for a detox. Let us help you with our variety of scalp and hair treatments made especially for these kinds of issues. Includes scalp massage and style. 1 hour booking; $60

dry style

For those looking for a quick style with curls or smoothing without the wash. Timing 30 minutes. $35

formal styles

For those needing a special style for a wedding, graduation, event/party etc. Cost is time dependent. 1-1 1/2 hour booking. $75-100

Not sure what you want to do for your event? Book a trial or a consultation with us prior to your booking.

Wedding packages

Please refer to our "Weddings" page for more details

on a budget? book with our junior stylist, sammy!

We love training our apprentices and watching them advance into junior, intermediate and then senior stylists. Sammy is our very talented junior stylist who is working part-time behind the chair, and is accepting new clients. Please know that she is assisted by a senior stylist during hair services. Check out her profile on the "Our Team" page to read up on what Sammy enjoys the most about hair styling!

custom hair coloring services

Gone are the days of simple, one-process hair colors, and in are the two to even FIVE step processes we have been experiencing in order to keep up with the modern hair trends we all desire and love. We believe we can no longer place a universal price tag on our services, instead, we have implemented a new way to breakdown costs of our labor by calculating our time spent on your locks + our product usage, equaling your customized service cost. This new calculation will not only be more precise, it will also guarantee that you are only paying for what your hair requires. For example, a solid dark brown color for someone with hair above their shoulders in comparison to someone with hair down to their waist will have much different costs due to the difference in time taken and the amount of color product used.

Your custom product usage will be calculated upon your service. "Average hair" is considered collarbone length, medium thickness. Shorter lengths will decrease costs, longer lengths and thickness will increase costs. The following costs are calculated based on a $75/hour average.

Note: Please understand that these costs are not precise, they are simply an average estimate.
our color service costs include a maintenance haircut. Maintenance means upkeep on the style you currently have vs getting a whole new style, in which case we may need to add more time to your appointment at additional cost.

Classic Root Touch-Up

1-2 inches max regrowth; for grey coverage clients; matching up with existing color; natural shades only; no foiling; includes ends refresh; includes maintenance haircut

Average timing and product use: 2-2 1/2 hours + $20 = $150-170

Note: Grey coverage adds an extra 30 minutes to processing time, therefore timing and costs differ.

solid color

Natural colors only; same or darker than existing shade; full head coverage; no lightening or foiling; includes maintenance haircut

Short-Medium Hair: Average timing and product use: 2 hours + $20 = $150

Long-XLong Hair: Average timing and product use: 2 1/2 hours + $30 = $180

global blonde root touch-up

Global blondes only; 1-2 inches max regrowth; toner refresh included; includes maintenance haircut

Average timing and product use: 3 hours + $30 = $255


Recommended for existing blondes or "virgin" hair; toning included; includes maintenance haircut

Short-Medium Hair: Average timing and product use: Full head 2 hours + $20 = $170 ; Partial 1 1/2 hours + $15 = $142

Long-XLong Hair: Average timing and product use: Full head 3 hours + $30 = $255; Partial 2 hours + $20 = $170

Toner Refresh

For existing blondes. Come in for a maintenance toning in between your full color appointments to keep your blonde looking fresh and banish unwanted tones. Brunette's and red head's don't fret, we offer a similar service for you as well, please let us know what category you fall into upon booking; style included.

Average timing and product use: 45 minutes +$20 = $76


Consultation and deposit necessary for booking

Recommended for "virgin" hair; add lightness to solid dark colors; toning included; includes maintenance haircut

Average timing and product use: 3 hours + $30 = $255


Consultation and deposit necessary for booking

Recommended on existing blondes; dark hair will need to be lightened to blonde first; any color of the rainbow or pastels; includes maintenance haircut

Average timing and product use: 3+ hours @ $100/hour + $50

Corrective Colors

Consultation and deposit necessary for booking

Typically dark to light; red to blonde; red to dark; blonde to natural; blonde to dark; changing foil patterns; fixing unwanted tones ; includes haircut

Average timing and product use: 3+ hours @ $100/hour + $50 and up

hair extensions

Consultation and deposit necessary for booking

We currently only offer "tape-in" extensions, preferably Babe or Hotheads, for our hair extension services. An average head of hair needs 4 to 5 packs of hair to achieve proper thickness and blending. We require a consultation beforehand in order to color match your hair and to order your hair extensions.

Volume set vs full set

A Volume set is perfect for those looking for extra thickness without adding length. This usually requires 1 to 2 packs of hair.

A full set is for those looking for it all, length, thickness, and weight. This usually requires 5+ packs of hair.

fresh installation

A fresh installation with brand new packs of hair. Includes a blending cut. Note: Price does not include the cost of the hair extensions themselves.

Average timing and product use: Volume set: 1 hour $115 Full Head: 1 1/2 to 2 hours $150


Adjusting your extensions back up to your scalp or "regrowth" if you will. We ask you to come with clean hair for your reset as we typically do not wash your hair during this service. We prefer to reset your extensions on clean hair that has no oils on it for optimal adhesion to your hair.

Average timing and product use : Volume set: 1 hour 15 minutes $127 + $15 = $142  Full Head: 1 1/2 to 2 hours $165 + $15 = $180


For those who are ready to let go of their extensions and go Au-naturel again. We will remove the extensions and adhesive residue, then follow up with a wash and style. Please know that adhesive may still leave a bit of residue on your hair even after a removal, and may take a few washes to completely dissolve.

Average timing: 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes $85-112

See you soon!

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