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Josh Nadeau

Instagram - @normantattoos

Tattooing - 15 years


Josh is the lead man here at Studio Eight Tattoo Company, creating a name for himself 10 years ago when he became a part of Twisted Banana. Over the years he has apprenticed our very own Lana and Sam, successfully training them into the amazing artists they have become. As an artist, Josh puts the utmost passion into his work which you will see in every piece that leaves his chair. Josh has a fun-filled personality and will always make you laugh. He is a blast to hang out with!


Expertise: "Black and grey, traditional and realism"

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Lana Anderson

Instagram - @lanabananderson

Tattooing - 6 years

Visual Communications Degree

Lana has been tattooing for 6 amazing years. She spent her lifetime searching for a career where she could lay her artistic talents. Hairstyling was her first gig, then graphic design and illustration. Eventually she landed in the tattoo world and has FINALLY found her true niche. To her tattooing is so much more than art. She's been grateful for the opportunity to embellish skin, cover scars and help others tell their story.

Expertise: "New School styling of bold, graphic lines and bright colors or in smooth, black and grey semi-realism"

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Samantha Sallis

Instagram - @samwisetattoos

Apprenticing - 2 years

Sam has been a member of the Twisted Banana & Studio Eight team since 2014 working as our full-time receptionist. With a natural talent of art, drawing, and frequently being caught doodling in her sketchbook, Sam evidently belongs in the world of tattooing. Josh took Sam under his wing in March 2018 as his full-time apprentice, and is now taking clients full-time. So far Sam is loving neo-traditional and colorful bold pieces. Come check out this new talent you wont be disappointed!

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