The ABAA Beauty Hair Straightening Brush is a high quality professional salon appliance designed to ensure that your hair enjoys a safe and extremely gentle straightening treatment.  The brush works beautifully to straighten all different hair types by gently removing frizz, kinks and waves while still retaining volume and fullness to give your locks a shiny and healthy appearance.  No more flat-head.


ABAA Beauty Hair Straightening Brush’s innovatively designed anti-scalding tips prevent possible skin burn in the case of accidental contact to the scalp. The display screen located on the brush, makes it easy to adjust the temperature to your personal liking. The brush delivers an even distribution of heat to gently yet quickly straighten and smooth your hair without damaging it in the process. And its automatic shut-down safety feature after 60 minutes of inactivity prevents possible damage to your hair. 


Say goodbye to clips and dividing your hair into sections.  Just run the ABAA Beauty Hair Straightening Brush through your hair to get that smooth, shiny, and healthy frizz free look that you have always craved and at the same time, avoid unnecessary hair breakage and damage that other appliances can cause.

ABBA Straightening Brush