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Color me gorgeous!


We pride ourselves in creating unique colors for every individual client, so it is a MUST to have a variation of colors to choose from. Permanent to ammonia-free, from neon bright to soft semi-permanent, we have it all! We think outside of the box whether you choose a chocolate brown, a striking blonde or maybe you just want to enhance your natural tones, you can always expect to have a color that has a unique flair. Have allergies, sensitivities, or dry scalp? Our Ammonia-free color line is perfect for you and your scalp! 


Worried about damage from bleaching? Don't fret, Twisted Banana stylists are educated in the world of Fiberplex. Fiberplex is a modern hair technology that multiplies bonds and cross-links broken bonds. Therefore, as your hair is being broken down from bleach or even perm solution, Fiberplex is rebuilding those bonds for you so your hair stays strong and healthy while allowing us to push your hair further for better results.

Schwarzkopf professional


Dominating the hair industry for years, Schwarzkopf professional has been an absolute "go-to" for colors in the salon. This line is always modernizing and creating more beautiful colors making it easy for us to provide the perfect color! 


A HUGE variety of browns, reds and blondes gives us the maximum ability to be creative and personalize a color just for you. Heads will turn for sure with these brilliant tones!


Schwarzkopf includes permanent, semi-permanent, semi-permanent and ammonia free color collections. These collections include custom shades such as metallics, pastels and neon's.


Specialty colors


Our stylists use a variety of neon tones such as Joico Intensity, Pravana and the new "Inst a-famous" Pulp Riot to insure the brightest result for your hair goals!

For those who aren't quite as adventurous, Fabuloso color enhancing conditioners might be perfect for you! Choose from violet, copper, red, browns and everything in between!


Joico Color Intensity, and EVO Fabuloso Color enhancing conditioners are all available for purchase at Twisted Banana.


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